10 Caffeinated Memes For International Coffee Day

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Coffee is more than a drink. It’s a lifestyle. Everyone who drinks coffee loves to tell you all about it. They can’t get through the morning without their daily coffee. They drink it in a very specific way with a very specific ratio of sugar or cream, one that can never be disrupted. Lots of people can’t imagine what life would look like without coffee, and if you’re an avid fan of the beverage as well, you’ll understand these memes a little too well.

Today is October 1st, meaning it’s International Coffee Day. While it may not be the biggest holiday this October, it still has a special place in the hearts of coffee fans everywhere. We’re hoping you celebrate it safely, so don’t go drinking so much coffee that your doctor will hate you. Apparently, lots of people behind these posts have. Celebrate the big day the right way with some memes about it instead.

The Sad Truth



We like to think it makes our days better, but ultimately it doesn’t improve that much.

Maybe Both at the Same Time

NOT SURE IF HEADACHE FROM TOO MUCH COFFEE rC OR NOT ENOUGH COFFEE quickmeme.com Lego Friends Car Bugatti Veyron cartoon text nose forehead head human behavior comics fiction


Is that even possible? Some coffee drinkers believe it is.


Being addicted to coffee isn't a personality trait Teens Cartoon Vertebrate Organism Mammal Art Tree


It counts, right? Because it’s the only personality trait some of us have.

Maybe We Need to Slow Down

MY STOMACH ME A THIRD CUP OF COFFEE FOR THE DAY u/evilone17 People Street fashion Fashion T-shirt Fun Design


Seems like some people are drinking a not-so-healthy amount, based on these memes.

And Then Everything Changed

Me: *tastes coffee for the first time* My brain: A new core memory! Liquid Fluid Orange Font


Life’s been different ever since.

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