6 Comedies That Won Emmys (And Didn’t Deserve It)

6 Comedies That Won Emmys (And Didn’t Deserve It) #Comedies #Won #Emmys #Didnt #Deserve Welcome to GistFeed

5 2012: Jon Cryer for Two And a Half Men

For the record, we think Jon Cryer is a righteous dude.  We’re still ticked off that Molly Ringwald chose that rich preppie a-hole over Duckie.  But come on, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy?  Not in 2012.  And never for Two and a Half Men.


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The enduring mediocrity of the long-running sitcom was only half of the confusion.  Cryer’s Alex Harper, basically a milquetoast second banana to Charlie Sheen’s peacocking Charlie, beat out a murderers’ row of comic talents, including Steve Carell (more on him later), Alec Baldwin, Larry David, and a pre-controversy Louis C.K.  Google “worst Emmy win ever” and you’ll see we’re not alone on this.

Cryer’s win came in the year following Sheen’s historic public meltdown, a hot mess of rehab and tiger blood. Perhaps the award was simply the voters’ way of saying, “dude, we don’t know how you put up with all that hashtag-winning.” 

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4 2010-2014: Modern Family

Sometimes Emmy voters are just freaking lazy.  Why bother watching six or seven shows when you can tick the box next to the comedy that won last year? It must be good since we voted for it before! This lackadaisical brand of voting lethargy took hold in the 1990s when Frasier took home the prize five years running. Dr. Crane and his neurotic friends were funny enough, but not five-years-in-a-row funny.


The night Rico Rodriguez used an Emmy to get into a rave.

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