Cobra Kai’s S4 Ending Creates A Problem For Season 5’s Villain Story

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Everything that happened at the end of Cobra Kai season 4 creates a major problem for the show’s villain story and its plan for Terry Silver.

What happened in the Cobra Kai season 4 finale sets up a major problem for season 5’s villain story. Major changes to the Cobra Kai dojo were set in motion by the events of the All Valley Karate Tournament and what came next. As a result, quite a lot is sure to be different in regards to Terry Silver’s arc.

Thanks to its victory in the tournament, Cobra Kai is in a position to grow stronger than ever when Silver fulfills his promise and builds new martial arts schools. However, the main dojo will have endured some key losses by then. Robby’s reconciliation with Johnny in the finale put an end to his reasons for remaining with Cobra Kai, and Silver’s cheating is guaranteed to alienate Tory, especially since she was never loyal to him in the first place. There’s also the matter of Kreese, who Silver framed for beating up Stingray. Because of his actions, Kreese is out of the way, thus leaving Silver in control of Cobra Kai for the foreseeable future.


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The ousting of Kreese, Robby’s inevitable departure, and the likelihood of Tory quitting threaten to isolate Terry Silver in season 5. Despite being the show’s main villain at this point, he’ll be limited on characters to interact with when the show returns. During season 4, the villain story received a considerable amount of focus. Due to how many characters were on hand, the series had plenty to do with Kreese, Silver, Robby, Kenny, and Tory while they prepared for the tournament. Season 5, on the other hand, doesn’t currently have the same framework. Unless Silver somehow finds a way to keep Tory around on a long-term basis (which seems highly unlikely), the villain story’s biggest players in season 5 appear to be Silver, Kenny, and Kyler.

How Cobra Kai Season 5 Can Avoid Its Villain Problem

Mike Barnes return

As the villain, it’s important for Thomas Ian Griffith’s Terry Silver to serve as a driving force of Cobra Kai season 5. But pulling that off will be difficult to do if the villain arc centers on just Silver, Kenny, and Kyler, who has always been more of a tertiary character than a major figure in the story. One way it can get around that is if it follows through on the season 4 finale’s Mike Barnes tease. This on its own may not fix the issue, but Cobra Kai can add a lot of interest to Silver’s arc if it brings Sean Kanan’s Mike Barnes from The Karate Kid Part III into the picture and makes him Silver’s partner at the dojo. Depending on the show’s approach, the dynamic between Barnes and Silver and the conflict that could develop between them has the potential to be a highlight of season 5.

As things stand, Cobra Kai is in a position to pit nearly its entire cast against Terry Silver in season 5, which is all the more reason why his story needs people like Mike Barnes. Though he has the advantage in numbers, his corner is made up primarily of nameless fighters. Avoiding that issue may require some shifting allegiances, though exactly what that could be remains to be seen. Keeping Tory at Cobra Kai for any length of time or getting Kreese back may not work, but winning over someone like Anthony LaRusso may be a goal that’s within reach for Silver in Cobra Kai season 5.

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