Who Is Princesa.venus On TikTok? Princess Venus Age and Instagram Bio

Who Is Princesa.venus On TikTok? Princess Venus Age and Instagram Bio #Princesa.venus #TikTok #Princess #Venus #Age #Instagram #Bio Welcome to GistFeed

Princesa.venus is a model and social media influencer. She is based in Miami, Florida.

Venus has been active on Tiktok since last year, and she already has 9.1 million followers. Her content has received 90.6 million likes in total. The TikTok star shares videos related to lip sync, dances, cosplays, and comedy skits. Some of her clips are also associated with gym workouts and travel. 

The real name of Princesa.venus is Venus. She derived the name from a famous fictional character Sailor Venus from the Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi.

@princesa.venus Hiiii guys!😋 #closerlookelite #fakebody #foryou ♬ ULTRA SOLO (Solo y coronao ¿De qué sirve? Si no estás a mi lao’ Por ti paso el día conectau, pendiente al cel, pendiente a ti, pendiente si subes una story) – Polimá Westcoast & Pailita

Similarly, Princesa has established herself as a top OnlyFans model. She has shared a total of 2.9 thousand photographs on the platform. Likewise, she has more than 7.2 thousand followers. Her profile is under the handle name @xvenusxx. 

Venus calls herself “DOMINATRIX” on her OnlyFans bio. She further notes her fluency in French, English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Princesa Venus has signed a contract with The Closer Look Elite Agency. Her monthly earnings from OnlyFans are around $40,000, as noted on her profile. 

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